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What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money—That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not!
By Robert T. Kiyosaki

The Rich Dad, Poor Dad book stresses the value of acquiring financial literacy (financial education), achieving financial independence, and accumulating money through asset investing, real estate investing, founding and running a business, among other wealth-building strategies (financial IQ). The book has been on the New York Times bestsellers list for over six years, sold over 32 million copies in more than 51 languages in more than 109 countries, and earned favourable reviews from some critics.

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As per the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book, a person should build an asset to start passive income. Assets are not property and cars; here, assets stand for a business, which pays or gives income to the asset owner every time.

So we created websites. And we called them our virtual assets. These assets are well informed for the user on different categories. In MyBonus, there is a formula to determine the share of the assets that we have created and are generating long-term income from over the years.

Give toast to the success formula

Everyone is alone and trying their best to survive in this world. Only 10% of people achieve their goals, while 60% achieve their objectives. But there is a large class that is below poverty. Because they are not aware or they don’t know the success formula.

So we should be united and work for them. Let’s make this world beautiful and give a light life to them. Let’s educate them and help them stand on their feet. Life is not working for individuals or families. It’s also our duty to give back to this earth, our families, our neighbours, and society before leaving this world.

Unique Concept of sharing

Shop with our websites or trade partner websites, which have approved us as their marketing channel partners. And we shall be paying our advocates or customer managers as bonuses.

It helps you generate loyalty income.

1. Shop for your daily needs with us.

2. Generate loyalty income by shopping with us.

3. And we give donations, to those who are unable to do so.

Believe in the sun, the symbol of God; when he gives his fullest to everyone, why can’t we?
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Stay together for a bright future.

An asset can bring in passive income through a variety of methods, including sales, marketing, and service income. Some sources of passive income include royalties, dividends, rents, and advisor fees.

Today’s Inflation is growing but not income, so we decided to create an opportunity and pay every contributor, whether they have closed the sale or not. And pay a share of profit to every contributor. And many additional income resources to help and grow to get financial freedom. With one vision: Let us grow together and start working without boundaries. And in this world, everyone needs to survive. And it’s our duty to help them survive on their life journey.

Understanding the Concept of Bonus, which turns to MyBonus

So we created websites and we called our virtual assets. So we get paid every time anyone shops or advertises with us.

A bonus is a type of assurance that provides additional money or benefits to an individual after they have purchased or used a product or service from us.

Assets that pay us every time.


Mybonus is a simple and efficient way to generate passive income from assets.

Already, top brands have approved us as their marketing channel partners. You can shop anything, anywhere, and anytime from them. You can find the brands on the portal itself.

Let’s Know our virtual assets.
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And we also generate revenue with our services by helping other businesses with different services. Like creating a website, digital marketing, content writing, presentation, proof reading, voice-over, insurance, travel deals, and many more.

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Work without boundaries.

So, now days, it is very difficult to meet both ends with one business, so we are giving you an opportunity to start your second income.

Recommend our services to your business, and we will give bonuses to our customer manager, also known as an “advocate,” as a 20% percentage of the profit from global sales. All active customer managers will get their share of the profit with regard to any sale. We are enrolling in a training program to learn more. Just click on the opportunity to know more.

You shop, and you often get cashback from the merchant, but you also get a bonus here. So, we are sharing my profit with MyBonus customer managers.

If you shop often, get cashback from the merchant, but also get a bonus here. So, it is a win-win situation! Love shopping? You can also get paid to review products on social media! You can also get paid to do freelance work, like writing or editing. That is what you can do to make money!

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