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There are many opportunities in life. Find out what you are capable of and take advantage of them. Opportunities abound and it’s up to you to seize them.

We know that, these days, it is very difficult to meet both ends, so we created an opportunity for every one of them. Who is looking for additional or second income?

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Today’s inflation is growing, but not income, so we decided to work together. With one vision: Let us grow together. So we need to work without boundaries. And in this world, everyone needs to survive. And it’s our duty to help them survive on their life journey. So with this vision, we share our profits with our active customer managers, also known as “advocates. 

Enroll as a customer manager and be trained to access the software and our updates.

The customer manager is the one who provides services to his clients. Every referral client will be important to him. Because every satisfied client gives him 20% as referral income. After the full payment of the project, the customer manager will get paid 20% of the total cost of the project on the last day of the next calendar month.

Every month we shall be running many incentive programs to reward the achievers. So there will be many more income opportunity programs to help earn more.

Services you can provide to your clients are given below.

Create your website.Book a Domain
HostingWeb designing
Content WritingDigital Marketing
Press ReleaseShopping
Travel DealsTraining
Lead GenerationAdvertising
3D PresentationVoice-over

And you are also sending us an advertisement every month without any obligation. It means free. You can also send a press release for any business to be published in Kal News.

Share of Profit as Bonus

We have an active customer manager, which means one who has paid us to access the software and training programme for the calendar month. Every quarter of the year, we shall be sharing our profit. Every month, we will be sharing more opportunities to generate additional income. So keep in touch with us to learn about the latest opportunity with us.

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Celebration of unity.

You have the opportunity—just enrol with us and become our advocate to promote our services to your clients. And we shall be paying you referral income on our services and a share of the 20% profit from worldwide sales. Every month, there will be many new ways to get additional income and rewards.

Every quarter, we shall be sharing our profit with our active customer manager. You can check your income in your dashboard, in the “Profile” section.

Once we have received the payment, we will create your profile and send you the login details. Log in and start serving and posting leads there. Your customer remains yours for life. Start your passive income with us. To access your account, you can login here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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An opportunity

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.”

Bonus many workers are curious about bonus pay—what it is, how it’s determined, and why it’s paid. A bonus is extra pay, often granted to a contributor here known as an “advocate” or customer manager as a special reward or incentive

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Big dream

How is bonus pay determined?

Bonus pay is typically based on individual or team performance or on the company’s overall performance. It may also be based on meeting a certain goal, such as producing a certain number of products or services.

Why is bonus paid?

Bonus pay is a way to motivate our Advocate or Customer managers to do their best. It can also be a way to thank them for a job well done.

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Who gets bonus pay?

Bonus pay is typically given to advocates who have met or exceeded expectations. It may be given to all advocates, such as those who have achieved the best contributor results. Here we pay all advocates who attended the regular training and paid for the marketing material for the month.

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Get Paid

How much we pay Bonus? 

We will be paying 20% of every matured lead and  20% of the profit from worldwide sales.

Are there any other benefits to bonus pay?

Yes, bonus pay can also be tax-deductible for contributors. This means that the contributor may be able to deduct the bonus payments from its taxable income.

What are the pros of bonus pay?

The pros of bonus pay are that it can be a great way to motivate our contributor and show appreciation.

How we can pay bonus?

We have created websites that pay us for their sales and advertisements.

When we pay bonus?

Next calendar month, your account will be updated.

Where can you check?

In your profile section.

Just pay us $10 as set up fee and $5 per month to access the software and online training program.

Once you have paid, you will receive an email for confirmation of the payment. And after that, we shall activate your account.

You can also pay us using Google Pay and other UPI methods. Just Pay INR : 1240/- and 415 per month.

Note: Please pay regularly by the due date so that you can get digital marketing tools on time and keep your account active.

Once we receive your payment, we will send your login details to your email or phone.

“Today is an opportunity to get better. Don’t waste it.

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